Introducing: Sumo Warrington Advanced Technology

7th February 2022 Featured

In a world where the expectations of video game fans are at an all-time high and platform hardware and software continues to evolve – how do the world’s biggest and best developers stay ahead of the curve and meet the demand of their audience? 

Sumo Warrington Advanced Technology (or SWAT) are an elite team of programmers, delivering dependable technical excellence and best of breed software engineering solutions to enable prestigious partners from across the industry to overcome their toughest technical challenges. 

Since it was established in 2019, Sumo Warrington has built a formidable reputation, becoming a highly sought-after development capability within the games industry. Its adoption of the SWAT identity recognises the studio’s proven track record, aptitude, and ambition. 

Led by Studio Director Scott Kirkland, the team is formed of the brightest graduates, rising stars, proven programmers, and a handful of industry heavyweights. Together they share a passion for learning and wield a wealth of game tools and technology development experience including proprietary and commercial middleware engines, graphics, AI, physics, animation, build engineering, content pipelines, and networking. 

SWAT’s missions demand situation awareness, broad and deep technical knowledge, and pragmatism to determine the most appropriate and effective way forward. Combined with professionalism and practical flair, SWAT quickly integrates with established client teams to identify and tackle priorities for maximum impact. Whether it be productivity-boosting workflow improvements, elimination of technical debt, raising (experiential) performance and quality bars, delivering cutting-edge functionality, or eliminating the nastiest bugs, SWAT have become a force to be reckoned with! 

 “Demand and opportunity were the biggest drivers for the creation of Sumo Warrington Advanced Technology,” said Scott. 
“With established Sumo studios focused on their own projects, the business was having to decline some amazing external opportunities. This is where the SWAT team comes in. Capitalising on Sumo’s already outstanding reputation and extensive industry connections, we were able to quickly build technical relationships with clients, understand requirements, and deliver SWAT capability into an array of incredibly exciting and appealing projects!” 

The SWAT team are immersed in numerous AAA titles including entries in some of the world’s most iconic franchises. With our missions shrouded in secrecy, the only way of finding out more is to join this elite team! 

Sumo Warrington is flexible when it comes to hiring, embracing (UK-based) remote, hybrid or in-studio contribution. Get in touch to discuss your situation. 

All current opportunities at Sumo Warrington can be found here